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New Products

MaxShine Fine Clay Bar 3 Pack MaxShine Fine Clay Bar 3 Pack
MaxShine Fine Clay Bar 3 Pack £14.99
The Maxshine Detailing Clay Bar professionally removes or wipes away interior and external surface contaminants such as overspray, factory fallout, tar, grime, rail dust, and tree sap mist. Evenly effective on paint, glass, metal and plastic.
Maxshine Detailing Swabs – 10 Pack Maxshine Detailing Swabs – 10 Pack
Maxshine Detailing Swabs – 10 Pack £4.99
Maxshine detailing swabs have been designed for the smallest crevices and spaces in both interior and exterior of your vehicle. Selections include five different designs with either foam or microfiber tips, varying handle lengths, and unique head shapes. These conveniently removes dust and dirt in those tough to reach areas of your vehicle to keep your car looking fresh and rejuvenated! Features: Soft, non-abrasive tips.Excellent solvent-holding capacity.No contaminating adhesives or coatings.Washable and Reusable.Foam securely bonded to a polystyrene shaft keeps tip securely in place.Polystyrene Handle provides stable control of product.Durable construction to prevent breakage.   Pack Contains: 2 x Large Square Foam2 x Large Square Microfiber2 x Long-Reach Microfiber2 x Dual-Head Microfiber2 x Fine-Point Foam
Foam Lance Pro Foam Lance Pro
Foam Lance Pro £34.99
Introducing our latest snow foam lance, the Foam Lance Pro. This product has been designed to allow for ease of use with it's wide opening which allows you to easily fill the bottle with your chosen snowfoam, as well as it's wide base which means it is a lot less likely to topple over than your conventional foam lance. This product comes with the traditional quick release attachment and if required we can supply the karcher attachment depending on what set up you're using.
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Lake Country 3-1/4
Lake Country 3-1/4" Microfiber polishing pad £9.50
Lake Country 3-1/4" Microfiber polishing pad

Most Popular

NLD WASH from £6.99
NLD Wash is the perfect shampoo for your regular maintenance washes.NLD wash is ph neutral meaning it won’t diminish your wax, sealant or coating.With a refreshing grape scent Add approximately 2 - 3 cap full to your wash bucket then activate using high pressure stream of water.
NLD GLASS from £7.99
NLD Glass is suitable for all glass surfaces, interior, exterior and even at home! With the ease of use simply spray on a micro fibre cloth and wipe over the glass, leaving a crystal clear, streak-free finish. Specifically formulated to ensure no over powering chemical smell common with many glass cleaners. 
NLD WHEELS - Neutral Wheel Cleaner NLD WHEELS - Neutral Wheel Cleaner
NLD WHEELS - Neutral Wheel Cleaner from £8.99
NLD wheels is a neutral product that can be used on all alloys and wheels. Removing brake dust and grime picked up off the roads, leaving a superior finish.  With a cola scent it makes the dreaded task of cleaning your wheels that bit more enjoyable.  Dilute 1:3 for best results
NLD FOAM from £6.99
NLD Foam NLD Foam is a purpose designed pre-wash foam, used to soften and lift surface dirt and grime from the exterior of the vehicle.  NLD Foam is best used when diluted to our recommendation Apply using a dedicated foam lance. Let the foam dwell for a short period of time to let it do its thing, followed by a rinse with a pressure washer.   Then simply continue with your wash routine.     Dilute 1:10
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